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                                       Just a little about me...

  • I am really just a simple girl at heart. Give me the warm sunshine on my face, 
        time with those I love and you have a snapshot of my ideal day.  
        Ok, throw in my beloved Jayhawks and now it's ideal.  

  • Shy could describe me in some situations but I am an easy shell to crack.  
        But because of this I truly know how difficult it can be to be in front of the camera.  
         It is always my goal to put my subjects at ease and hopefully having fun!  

  • I am a mom to three girls, they amaze me every day.   I love to look 
        at the world through their innocent eyes. It makes me appreciate the things
        I often take for granted.  They keep me busy with their activites and I enjoy every second of it.

  •  I've got a pretty great co-poliot on this adventure called life.   A supportive husband who
         loves all of the above, just add hunting to that list.

  •  Oh, and I love taking pictures, authentic pictures.  
          It goes back to being a simple girl at heart, being real...
                          taking our simple selves and creating art.
                       I want that to shine through in my photography.